Top 10 best channel on Telegram to download movies?

Top 10 best channel on Telegram to download movies

Telegram is a popular platform for movie and web series lovers and it has great designs, themes, gifs, and smileys, to have easy conversation and also has a special delete to both side option to ensure the safety and privacy of the user.

 It has several channels and groups which users can join to get the latest Bollywood or Hollywood movies and web series.

It provides movies or web series in different languages.

Once a user joins the right channel/group, the user will find the latest movies and shows from popular OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar, and much more.

Downloading the movie is quick and faster and easy to search if the user has good internet and network connection and enough storage space in the device.

Most demanded Telegram movie Channels To Download Movies and Web Series

1. Get Amazon Prime Video

The Amazon Prime Video channel has nearly 3000 members on Telegram. The channel (named Netflix India currently) uploads abundant movies and web series daily. They cover a diversity of content spanning regional Indian movies, Bollywood, web series, and Hollywood.

Besides this, it also not only uploads the latest movies but also uploads old movies which are rarely available. All users need is to join the channel, download the file and play it on the user’s phone.

Netflix India Here

If users are looking to download classic Hollywood movies or series then this channel uploads them quite often. From Resident Evil series to IT from Ice Age to Spiderman and much more. They offer good quality files, therefore, watching content will not be a difficulty.

3. MovieHub

With a community of nearly 20K members, users can request their favorite movies here. There is no barrier of language which means users can get all kinds of regional content like Tamil movies, Bengali movies, Punjabi movies, and any other language of user choice. All users need is to request the movie after joining the group.

4. MovieStyle

A channel that uploads offbeat movies and web series that are rarely heard yet popular. The movies are mostly Hollywood-centric hence if users are trying to spend some time watching different movies then users can join the MovieStyle channel using the link below.

5. Avengers Endgame Marvel Movies

Avengers Endgame Marvel Films is the best Telegram channel to track down the most recent Marvel pictures and web series. But they are not Marvel exclusive and upload other movies too. If users are Marvel fans then this is a perfect place for users.

6. TSP Thunder 2.0

TSP Thunder is one of the few channels that cover all the latest content, allowing users to download high-quality movies and web series. Join the channel to enjoy good-quality movies and shows. The user can even request any movies or shows that the user wants to watch like Money Heist and more.

7. Horror Movie Zone

A channel for thriller/horror movie lovers. If a user wants to explore the best of horror and experience thrill then the user will get the best collection of spine-chilling horror movies all in HD quality.

8. Bollywood Hindi Movies

Get the best of Bollywood movies both new and old, here on this channel. A perfect destination for Bollywood lovers.

9. Movies and Web series Requests Hub

Users can request movies in this group to get the user’s favorite show or movie file to download.

10. MoviesEmpire

MoviesEmpire has an enormous amount of content covering global cinema. If users want to explore outside Hollywood such as Korean dramas, or Japanese movies the MoviesEmpire has got users covered.


Movies on Telegram platforms have become popular among many users who seek quick access to various content. While these strategies offer convenience, it is important to acknowledge the legal and ethical considerations surrounding copyrighted material. Users should prioritize legal channels such as streaming services to support creators and the industry. The 10 channels on Telegram for downloading movies offer a variety of options, but users are encouraged to recognize the legitimacy of their actions and find appropriate ways to view responsibility and enjoyment

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